In today’s digital world where homeowners seek convenience, safety, security and cost saving, a smart home is the latest trend. With smart home management a priority for many homeowners worldwide, including South Africa, many brands are entering the market with their own smart solutions.

Shelly Home Automation Solution

Shelly, with headquarters in Bulgaria and USA, is one of the fastest growing IoT brands in the world with over 3 million IoT devices deployed in 100+ countries. With highly competitive, innovative and flexible devices, it’s no surprise that a Shelly device is installed somewhere in the world every 15 seconds.

Nology, a leading value-added distributor of IP solutions across Southern Africa, recognised the potential for a complete smart home solution in South Africa and secured an exclusive distribution contract with Shelly.

Grant Robertson, Product Manager at Nology, said, “With a reputation for offering products with a unique combination of high-quality, small size, and low cost, Shelly gives customers countless ways to make their homes more intelligent.” He continued, “By integrating their portfolio of smart relays, globes, and sensors into homes or businesses, Shelly offers you a complete smart home solution that is convenient, cost-effective, and allows you to intelligently manage your home from your smartphone or tablet.”

Shelly devices and sensors can be placed around the home to perform various tasks and functions, for example to control lighting, detect smoke and motion, monitor room temperature and power consumption, and much more. These devices and sensors can be operated remotely from any smartphone, tablet or desktop, no matter where you are. Additionally, Shelly is compatible with several third party platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Samsung SmartThings. With a Shelly smart bulb or relay you can simply ask Google to switch on a light!

Shelly devices are unique in the market in that they are open source and therefore open to developers, which allows easy integration into both new and existing home automation systems. Best of all, there is no custom firmware or firmware flashing required and Home Assistant, for example, have also partnered with Shelly which allows for seamless integration of all Shelly products.

This innovative and independent brand boasts a transparent customer approach unlike anything in the local market and these solutions are now available locally. Customers who have sought a user-friendly, cost-effective smart home solution, can now make their homes more intelligent thanks to a team of ambitious innovators who continuously strive to make IoT accessible and simple for everyone.

About Shelly
Shelly is a European company that provides solutions for home and buildings smart automation. In only several years, Shelly has already conquered over 100 markets. The company has two headquarters – one in Europe and one in the United States. The European office is located in Bulgaria’s capital city – Sofia.

About Nology
Nology is a specialist value-added distributor of converged IP solutions to service providers, network operators, systems integrators and resellers across Southern Africa.

Nology represents, distributes and supports some of the top international Broadband, Wireless, Networking and VoIP brands and is continually expanding our product offering. We have a strong reputation and proven track record in our industry and are trusted by leading ISPs and network operators across Southern Africa.

For more information contact us on +27 (0)10 824 0040 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Nology is the official distributor for Shelly products in South Africa.