Nology’s dynamic new Yealink Bluetooth headset offers remote workers a perfect balance between work and play.

Yealink Bluetooth Headsets


Optimise your remote workspace with perfect connectivity through Yealink’s new Bluetooth headset. Partnering with official distributor Nology, Yealink is giving South Africans the answer to work from anywhere, anytime, with the Yealink Bluetooth Headset. It allows you to connect up to two devices simultaneously, such as your phone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth for a wireless solution, so you and your team can stay on the move and still be adaptable.

The Only Headset You’re Going To Need 

If you're looking for a Bluetooth headset that will seamlessly switch between work and play, the new headset from Yealink will be perfect for you. With this headset, you can enjoy improved productivity in your remote workspace and take calls without having to worry about getting tangled up in wires. It's also very comfortable to wear, which makes it perfect for use over long periods of time.

Whether you’re taking business calls or enjoying music and outdoor activities, the Yealink Bluetooth headset has you covered. It balances all the benefits that come with working from home with Dynamic Equalisation and HD codec, which allows it to automatically switch between call mode and music mode between meetings – all while providing unparalleled music playback.

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about constantly recharging it between uses because the headset supports a long battery life. And Yealink has found a way to make recharging almost effortless with the optional Qi wireless charging stand. You can easily charge your headset, as well as your smartphone, tablet, or any device that supports Qi wireless charging functionality while you engage in other tasks.

“Traditionally Bluetooth headsets were bought either for business use – office calls, online meetings – or for personal use, such as listening to music and mobile phone calls,” says Ross Griffiths, Product Manager at Nology, “However, remote and hybrid work has fundamentally changed that, and headsets must now work in both scenarios.” And without question, Yealink’s new Bluetooth headset achieves this like no other.


Yealink Bluetooth Headsets


And It Looks Really Good, Too 

Yealink's Bluetooth headsets combine great business features and high-quality audio into a very stylish package, adds Ross Griffiths, “making it ideal for calls or meetings and listening to your favourite music.”

Gone are the days of having to switch from your “call-centre-style” headphones with its glaringly conspicuous microphone to the set you’d use recreationally. The headset seamlessly flips between business and leisure with its innovative retractable microphone boom that slides back to provide a sleek and stylish headset that is ideal for everyday use.

This technology hasn’t compromised the effectiveness of the microphone, however. In fact, Yealink’s microphone technology is more advanced than ever. Using multiple microphones and active noise cancellation ensures that background noise is eliminated from conversations, resulting in clear calls and minimal interruption in any remote work environment.


Bringing the World to South Africa 

Yealink is a leading global communication solutions service provider with industry-leading quality, innovative technology and a user-friendly product interface and experience. Having partnered with Nology as an official South African distributor, Yealink has been available in South Africa since 2009, and is the preferred IP phone solution for South African service providers, operators and retailers. As one of the leading telecommunication solution providers in over 140 countries, Yealink ranks at No1 in the global market share of SIP phone shipments worldwide.

Optimise your remote work capabilities, anytime, anywhere, with the Yealink Bluetooth Headset, which is available in stores now. Get in touch with Nology at +27(0)10 824 0040 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.