Nology, South Africa’s leader in Device Management and Provisioning solutions for Service Providers and Telco’s have recently expanded their Axiros solution portfolio to include Axtract - a powerful data analytics and Quality of Experience (QoE) module.


Axiros offers the world’s most complete CPE vendor agnostic Device Management Solutions and Nology is the exclusive distributor and systems integrator for Axiros in South Africa.


South Africa’s ISP landscape has become fiercely competitive in recent years, particularly in the Fibre to the Home market. With margins coming under ever increasing pressure, it has become essential for service providers to reduce operational costs and maximize efficiency.


Riaan Leuschner, Nology’s Sales Director says: “The Axiros platform is all about providing a competitive advantage to our Service Provider and Reseller partners. We work closely with these partners, so we understand the challenges they are facing and exactly how competitive the market is for them. By dramatically streamlining their CPE provisioning, logistics and support operations, we have successfully helped these customers to improve their efficiency and margins.”


Axtract QoE aims to deliver a complete picture of the total customer experience to the Service Provider by adding the ability to measure the Quality of Experience of one individual customer or across an entire population of devices or customers at any point in time or historically.


Nology’s Device Management Business Unit Manager Adriaan Liebenberg says “We are excited by the new dimension that QoE brings to the market. Nology has been offering zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and support tools for IP phones and routers for over 10 years now and adding QoE monitoring and analytics to allow our partners to have full insight into their customers’ experience is going to add massive value and benefit to them.”


Traditionally, DMS systems have been extremely expensive to acquire and implement, putting it in reach of only the largest service providers.


“Our Axiros Platform as a Service model is a first in the country and has been met with huge success. By dramatically reducing the barrier to entry and removing the upfront costs, we have been able to onboard partners to whom the system would previously have been beyond their reach. We are proud to say that today we are approaching half a million devices being actively managed by our systems,” Leuschner adds.


Visit Nology at this year’s MyBroadband annual conference to check out their new Axtract provisioning service and other exciting new products.


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