We reviewed the upgraded Yealink BH70 Bluetooth Headset – It just gets better 

The new Yealink BH70 Bluetooth Headset is a must-have for anyone needing high-quality audio, reliable connectivity, and all-day comfort. It is the upgraded version of the original BH72, and builds upon this headset’s stellar reputation with several new key features. This was our finding after Yealink sent us the professional headset to review. We detail our full experience, below.

Firstly, I found the BH70 exceptionally easy to set up. I plugged the dongle into my computer, put the BH70 headset into pairing mode, and was using it within seconds. Pairing directly with a smartphone or laptop’s Bluetooth connection was just as simple, allowing me to enjoy the BH70 and its excellent design instantly.

Several upgrades to the original BH72 also make this device even better for prolonged use compared to its predecessor. Yealink has reduced the weight from 187g to 146g, improved the clamping force to ensure a perfect fit, and included luxurious cushioning and soft-touch leather around the earphones. After wearing it for several hours, the headset remained exceptionally comfortable thanks to this lightweight design. The soft cushions and smooth leather gave me a perfect wearing experience, too, and it clamped onto my head with precisely the right amount of grip.

This is thanks to a 27% improvement in clamping force optimisation, which ensured the BH70 stayed in place and didn’t bother me in the slightest. The BH70’s new design offers superior reliability and durability as well, following extensive testing by Yealink. These tests included 20,000 headband expansion cycles and 1.5m drop tests, guaranteeing it can handle everyday wear and tear.


Audio clarity

Key upgrades to the BH70’s audio experience include its three-mic noise cancellation technology and an intelligent noise cancellation algorithm. The microphone length has also been increased by 74%, which ensured it was always positioned close to my mouth. In combination, the new microphone and enhanced noise cancellation technologies allowed my voice to be delivered clearly to my colleagues on the other end of the line. Even in a loud office setting, with nearby construction noises, the triple microphone array and intelligent noise-cancelling algorithm did an excellent job isolating my voice.

The BH70’s 35mm headphone speakers then ensured I could hear my colleagues and clients clearly when they spoke. With an industry-leading Ole Wolff diaphragm, the speakers produce a wide range of frequencies with crisp highs, a detailed midrange, and rich bass. The headset is also engineered to minimise wind noise, which was excellent for voice calls and listening to music, whether in the office or at a bustling coffee shop.


App, battery, and controls

The BH70 is an incredible headset that is complemented by excellent software and ease-of-use features. As a starting point, the Yealink USB Connect app made management a breeze by providing me with a wide range of basic and advanced settings.

It reminded me when I was muted, protected my ears against peak volumes, provided me with an equaliser to optimise my presets based on the media I was listening to, and let me optimise my BH70 for Microsoft Teams. This is in addition to the BH70 being certified for Microsoft Teams, meaning it has a dedicated Teams button to launch the service or answer a call.

This, along with its physical Call Control, Play/Pause, Volume, Bluetooth, and Mute buttons in the headset, made it easy to manage calls throughout the day.

This impressive headset’s phenomenal 50m Bluetooth range and battery support 35 hours of talk time round out its features. The battery can be charged seamlessly using the optional charging stand, or with a laptop through the headset’s USB-C port.

These quality-of-life essentials, combined with an industry-leading audio experience and unrivalled comfort, ensure the BH70 is your best communication and


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