4920-3 | AirTies AC1600 Wireless Mesh Access Point (Triple-Pack)

AirTies AC1600 Wireless Mesh Access Point - Triple Pack

Brand: AirTies
SKU: AIR-4920-3
Enjoy high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity that drastically increases stability, coverage and speed. The AirTies 4920 Mesh triple-pack decentralises your Wi-Fi architecture to enable you to cover every inch of your home or office in class-leading Wi-Fi.

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Airties Mesh Technology

Traditionally Wi-Fi signals originate from the centralised location of your wireless router/gateway), which is not always optimally located. It is a known fact that Wi-Fi signals attenuates (weakens) when it traverses through walls and ceilings and this has a direct negative effect on signal strength and speed. You most likely experience this frustration in your own home or office every day.

Renewing/replacing your Wi-Fi equipment to ensure compliance with the newest and best 802.11 Wi-Fi standards is necessary and does improve the Wi-Fi experience, but it does not overcome the obstacle of having a centralised location from where the signal originates. Solving this problem and future-proofing your Wi-Fi for applications such as Internet-of-Things (IOT) and the "Connected Home" requires a radical rethink of the Wi-Fi architecture. AirTies is doing precisely this.

As Wi-Fi specialists, AirTies has revolutionised the industry by developing a robust and cost-effective mesh technology that is easy to install and use. No Wi-Fi expertise required for installation while usage is completely autonomous - therefore there is no need for the user to consistently reboot/restart or manipulate the equipment to maintain or re-establish a connection. AirTies Air4920 Access Points establish a wireless mesh network between the nodes using the 5GHz spectrum (or Ethernet cable where convenient) and then allows wireless clients to connect to the various nodes via either the 5GHz (802.11ac) or 2.4GHz spectrum (802.11n). The extensible architecture allows you to cover every inch of your home or office in premium quality Wi-Fi that amply caters for current and future bandwidth-hungry application.

Client/Band Steering Technology

The Air4920 is dual-band capable and steer clients between not only different mesh nodes but also between the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands on the same mesh node. The collective mesh employs intelligent algorithms to ensure the most optimal connection to all clients at all times.

Client devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, tend to make poor decisions when it comes to which Access Point to connect to - especially when moving around the home or office. Such a device makes a decision once and then tends to stick with its choice as long as the Access Point can still be seen, regardless of weak signal strength or whether other Access Points might present better options. These are called "sticky clients" and can greatly decrease the performance of the entire network. The AirTies mesh constantly monitors the location of each client and where it is judged to be better serviced by another mesh node, that client is automatically handed-off to the better-positioned mesh node.

The AirTies mesh appears as one Wi-Fi network to the client devices with one shared password so no more manual switching between different Access Points and/or repeaters.

The mesh will also automatically steer dual-band capable devices to use the 5GHz band, which is less prone to interference due to non-overlapping channels. This ensures that your dual-band devices perform at their peak, while also alleviating congestion on the 2.4GHz band for better Wi-Fi performance all-round.

Wireless Video Streaming Technology

It is common to watch Internet videos on our wireless mobile devices while we are at home. We all hate to see videos interrupted by buffering at the most exciting part of a video. Streaming video to moving wireless devices is challenging, any performance problem in your Wi-Fi network causes videos to stop and go.

The AirTies Wi-Fi mesh prioritises video signals over other Internet traffic using AirTies Wireless Video Streaming technology. Transmit IPTV signals over the Wi-Fi mesh network so that you can connect your wired or wireless Set-Top-box and watch HD or UHD IPTV service with no cabling required.

Easy Installation And Expansion

You do not have to be a technical specialist to install or manage this premium quality Wi-Fi mesh. A user-friendly app (Android/iOS) guides the user through a few simple steps.

The AirTies Wi-Fi mesh kit includes three pre-paired Air4920 Access Points that can simply be placed around the home or office and started up for the mesh to be established. Extending the mesh with a 4th node is as simple as powering up an additional Air4920 and pushing the WPS button. The Wi-Fi settings of the mesh is then auto-propagated to the new node.

You can access your new Wi-Fi network via the default network name and password printed on the underside of the nodes, or you can customise the network name and password by using the app.

AirTies Wi-Fi App

The AirTies Wi-Fi app (Android/iOS) is not only a great tool for guiding the installation, but it also allows for management functions of an existing setup. It graphically illustrates your Wi-Fi network architecture, showing the status of your mesh nodes and mesh links and also which clients are connected where and at what speeds. It allows you to drill down in to each Access Point and also into clients connected to that Access Point for ultimate control.

The app further allows for easy guest access management, manipulation of the mesh Wi-Fi settings and availability to a very handy speed test.

Interference Avoidance Technology

Wi-Fi networks and the subsequent interference are everywhere these days. When your next door neighbour is downloading a large file or watching a video, it reduces your Wi-Fi speed when you are using the same frequency channel. AirTies Interference Avoidance technology makes sure that your Wi-Fi Network is not using the same frequency channels that are occupied by your neighbours, so that you can enjoy the capacity of the least busy channel.


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