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Shelly Wi-Fi Smart Button (Battery Operated)

Brand: Shelly
The Shelly Button helps you to easily activate or deactivate any device or scene manually with just a click.       

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We developed Shelly Button to help you easily activate or deactivate any device or scene manually with just a click. Additionally, Shelly Button is so small and convenient, you can carry it with you everywhere.

Shelly Button 1 is waterproof and IPX5 certified. The device can’t be soaked in water, but humidity and rain are not an issue. No matter the weather conditions, you can use your Shelly Button 1 wherever you want.

Shelly Button 1 is so tiny, it can be put and carried around anywhere. The button is battery powered and you can put it in your bag, laptop case or even in your pocket and use it whenever you need it.

With Shelly Button 1, you can control up to 4 different lights or Shelly relays. Just set the action you want to be performed for every different push sequence. One-click can turn on/off the light and two clicks can dim it. Everything is in your hands.

Shelly Button 1 allows for setting a different dimming level for every push sequence and tunes the lights to your mood and needs. Set 25% dimming at one-click, 50% dimming for a double-click and 100% for a triple click. With a long push, you can turn the lights on/off.


    • Specification Power supply(charger)*:
    • - 1A/5V DC

    • Working temperature:
    • - –20°C up to 40°C

    • Radio signal power:
    • - 1mW

    • Radio protocol:
    • - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

    • Frequency:
    • - 2400 – 2500 MHz

    • Operational range (depending on local construction):
    • - Up to 30 m outdoors

      - Up to 50 m indoors

    • Dimensions (HxWxL):
    • – 45,5 x 45,5 x 17 mm

    • Electrical consumption:
    • – < 1 W

    * Charger not included


  • Wireless - No HUB required – Connect Shelly Button 1 directly to your Wi-Fi at home.
  • Built-in battery - Powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for more than 3000 actions per charge.
  • USB powered option - Connected via USB for constant power supply and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Fast response - Response time of less than 2sec. on battery and 100 ms on USB power.
  • Highly compatible - Cloud connected but can also be connected via MQTT, CoAP, REST API.
  • Colour hints - A different colour response indication for all situations.

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