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Thank you for your interest in Nology and our products.

Nology is a channel focused company and we try our best to protect our reseller channel by ensuring that we only transact with ICT resellers, installers and service providers.

You will be required to attach a copy of your company registration document in this application under the "Documents Required" section.

If neither your company's website nor your company registration documents can prove your company's compliance to the criteria as listed above, please submit your Company Profile as proof. We will not be able to process your application if we cannot confirm compliance to these criteria.

We will process your application as quickly as possible, however please note that it may take up to two business days or longer if we cannot confirm compliance to the required criteria from the information and documents provided.

Once your application has been approved, we will send you a confirmation email and provide you with your account number and our latest pricelist.

Please note that this is not an application for credit facilities, but to confirm your company information and register you as a reseller on our system.

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Nology is committed to Black Economic Empowerment and as part of this commitment Nology contributes annually to the Economic Development of selected Black Owned Businesses. For potential consideration of such contribution please indicate if you have:

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• I am duly authorised to enter into this agreement for and on behalf of the applicant, and that the information contained in this form is true and correct.
• I have read and understood the standard Terms and Conditions of sale and accept them as binding upon the applicant. I furthermore agree to check Nology's Terms and Conditions of sale periodically for changes that may have taken effect from the date of registration.
• I have read and agree to the processing of personal information in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 ("Act")
• I understand that this is a Reseller Registration only and not a Credit Application.


About Nology

Founded in 2001, Nology is a specialist value-added distributor of converged IP solutions to service providers, network operators, systems integrators and resellers across Southern Africa.

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